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Quick facts

  • More than 80% of all animal and plant species found in Madagascar are endemic
  • Our big island houses 100% of the world's lemurs, half of its chameleon species, 6% of its frogs
  • Of the 281 bird species listed on Madagascar, 115 are found nowhere else on Earth
  • There are over 150 000 species of invertebrates, 365 endemic reptile species and abudant marine species across the country's 5000km of coastline

The best of Wildlife

  • Spot for the tiniest chameleon of the world in Amber mountain National Park
  • Listen to the eerie wailing song of the Indri - the biggest existing lemur - across Analamazaotra rainforest
  • Attend Hawksbill sea turle hatching on the stunning beaches of Nosy be archipelago
  • Hike in thick forests and meet narrow striped mongoose, families of tenrecs, tree boas...

The TAMàNA experience

  • Participate at a various level in reforestation and in conservation projects of endemic species
  • Learn about surprising medicinal virtues of several endemic plants with our local guides
  • Go on nocturnal walks to discover another kind of wildlife!
  • Discover rare orchids - 90% of Madagascar orchids are found nowhere else!