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Quick facts

  • Filming and taking professional photos in national parks, private reserves and all protected areas of Madagascar require prior authorization
  • It is considered rude and offensive to take photos of people or children without asking their permission
  • Equipments: several asian photography shops are available in Antananarivo but it is highly advised to bring the essentials
  • Additional charges for local guides will apply for nocturnal filming/photography in national parks, private reserves & protected areas

The best of Photography

  • Endemic wildlife photography: lemurs, birds, frogs, chameleons, mongooses, fossas...
  • Natural habitat photography: mountain peaks and highlands, rainforests, spiny forests, dry deciduous forests, coral reefs, canyons, mangrove...
  • Cultural photography: UNESCO World heritage sites, traditional houses, historic sites, ethnic groups...
  • Food and daily life over Madagascar: lively markets, street food, cuisine & gastronomy, rice growing, zebu cattle

The TAMàNA experience

  • With a specialized tour leader, immerse in local lively markets and remote villages to capture authentic moments
  • Spend several days and evenings in national parks, private reserves and natural areas to take the best wildlife photographies
  • Enjoy your trip at the same time to make sure your photographies reflect the experience you had
  • Photograph night skies and stars in stunning natural areas