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Laurence Schaffner

Managing owner
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Quite a long time ago, I studied corporate law in France before moving first to the USA and then to Madagascar in 1996. Travelling throughout the big island, I realized quickly the challenges in local tourism development and started working for local incoming tour operators. For a decade, I held various positions from booking manager to product manager before launching TAMàNA in 2007. I wanted to promote the tourism I like, a mix of culture, wildlife and experiences.

Madagascar in 2 words

  • Amazing : The variety of this country still surprise me, after 18 years
  • Challenging : working in a developing country is a daily challenge, in terms of organization, perspective management etc…

My favorite location

The Fianarantsoa area for its people and mountain landscape, and Nosy Saba, which is for me the best island resort in Madagascar  : the perfect mix between beach and wildlife in a idyllic place.


Email Laurence: tamana{@t}freedsl{dot}mg
Skype: tamana.tours1

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