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Domoina Randriamampianina

Travel advisor for UK and Germany
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Domoina was born in Antananarivo, and she joined the TAMàNA's team in March 2015. She is one of our specialist for tailor-made tours. She lived in Germany for almost 2 years, and speaks a fluent german and English, that she has learnt at the English Training Program of the American Embassy in the capital city.                                                                                                                                                                              Her favorite area in Madagascar is Sainte-Marie and the eastern coast

Madagascar in 2 words

  • Surprising : Travelers often report that things here always appear to pop out of nowhere. I really like this remark, it describes Madagascar so well.
  • Mora mora : meaning "no rush"

My favorite location

Masoala National Park in the North East. I think is it is the ultimate ultimate Madagascar experience. You have a majestic virgin rainforest, a stunning bay, a fantastic marine reserve…And best of all, the whole is home to a unique and endemic wildlife.


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