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Our mission

TAMàNA is a growing citizen company with a strong willingness to combine efficiency and fairness when providing travel services.Our tailor-made guided tours consider as much as possible the probable social, environmental and economic impacts. Therefore, we carefully choose our local suppliers and encourage our main stakeholders to follow this responsible path.


By supporting Our team members for regular trainings and study trips we encourage professional and personal growth. We also provide our clients with an accurate and up-to-date expertise. Our main shared desire is to make any journey to Madagascar a unique and unforgettable experience for our clients.


Until now, we have conducted our business according to core values shared within our team:             

  • Professionalism

  • Integrity

  • Mutual trust

  • In-house creativity

We are now ready to go further and have them publicly recognized, in order to become a local major partner.

Our vision

To have a responsible and profitable business that positively impacts the society and the environment. 

Our educational & charity programs

We believe that children are the future. Therefore, their education is crucial. We have then started a charity program focused on childhood education :

In both organization, we contribute to help the poorest people of the society (families and street children) to go back to school, go back to a normal social life. We also help to give them perspectives for their future with a professional training program for the oldest ones.


In the same spirit, we provide a professional training program for local students and welcome regular trainees from local tourism schools.