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Tsingy and baobabs of Madagascar

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7 days

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This itinerary reveals two fascinating wonders of Madagascar. The Tsingy: an awe-inspiring impressive forest of rock pinnacles that is now recognised as UNESCO World Heritage site. And the baobabs, these imposing upside-down tress which are emblematic of the country: of eight species found worldwide, six grow only in Madagascar.

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Tsingy and baobabs of Madagascar

Driving North of Morondava, passing by the world famous Baobab avenue, the first stop over is the Kirindy forest. This red dirty track is bumpy and quite difficult mainly because of the dry hot climate in the West region. However, the Kirindy reserve is one of the most rewarding natural areas to visit in Madagascar as the wildlife here is abundant even if the climate can be uncomfortable. Fossa, narrow-stripped mongoose, giant jumping rats and collared iguanas are protected within this private reserve.


Further North, you will cross the Tsiribihina river by ferry to reach the small town of Bekopaka. From here you will depart with your private vehicle and guide for daily excursions into the Tsingy of Bemaraha national park. Walkways have been constructed to allow visitors to visit the site safely. Cable ropes give access to lookout deep narrow canyons and one impressive canyon is crossed by a swinging suspended bridge! The forested areas of this stunning park are home extraordinary wildlife as well. A dhow excursion up the Manambolo gorges is quite interesting to see natural caves and birds.