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East of Madagascar

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The eastern Madagascar is a band of wetland covered with evergreen rainforests. The lush vegetation is home to well-known endemic fauna including lemurs and birds, and rare flora among which rare medicinal plants and orchids. The region is bordered in majority on the coastline by coral reefs, turquoise sea lined with palm trees and rocky shores. Different ethnic groups living near the forests and rivers have fascinating culture and history that they willingly share with visitors.

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East of Madagascar

From Antananarivo, ride to Andasibe National Park located about four hours away. Villages, rice paddies and eucalyptus forests dot the road. The protected rainforest of 15 480 ha, home to 108 species of birds, 51 species of reptile, 84 species of amphibian and more than 100 species of orchids is divided into two sections: Andasibe known as Périnet, and Mantadia. Périnet is easier to accede and is the best place to observe and listen to the biggest lemur: the Indri Indri. Nocturnal hikes can be organized to see nocturnal species. Mantadia, located 20km away, needs more fitness and a whole day visit as it comprises untouched primary forest.

Beyond Andasibe, Akanin’ny nofy meaning “nest of dream” is situated in the edge of the Canal des Pangalanes, reachable only by boat. Inside this area of 50ha, enjoy boat rides to discover lemurs, endemic palm tree, chameleons and even Aye Aye after sunset. From here, reach the island of Sainte Marie: white sandy beach, coral reefs, lush vegetation and crystal clear waters wait. This is also a great place for whale watching safaris on season (July to September) as the mother whales are looking for warm seas to give birth. Not to be missed: the islets surrounding Sainte-Marie including Ile aux nattes, îlot sable, île aux forbans...The island of Sainte-Marie has a fascinating history to discover, starting with a visit to the Pirates’ cemetery.

Add some days stay at the Masoala peninsula to give a perfect end to your journey to the rainforests of Madagascar. Located North East of the big island, and reachable only by plane from the capital, the Masoala National and Marine park is one of the largest rainforest existing in Madagascar and protects about 50% of species of the plants of Madagascar and more than 50% of the species of mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles. Isolation has permitted this majestic forest to survive while other rainforests of Madagascar are endangered.