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Quick facts

  • Hot and dry climate. Challenging and requires some physical fitness.
  • The land of Tsingy limestone massif & the impressive Grandidieri baobabs
  • The region is dotted with the unique Dry deciduous forests of Madagascar
  • Home to the Sakalava : one of the major ethnic groups of the island

Popular attractions

  • Hike through the small & big Tsingy : suspended bridge, canyons and hidden wildlife
  • Dhow safari along the colorful gorges of the Manambolo river
  • Discover impressive natural caves
  • Sunset at the world famous Baobab avenue

The TAMàNA experience

  • Experience a visit of the Kirindy reserve during Fossa mating season
  • Birding tours at Ankarafantsika National Park (former Ampijoroa) : 129 listed species including Madagascar fish eagle
  • Sunrise photography at the Baobab avenue : the light is better and the place is quieter
  • Cruise on board of a barge along the Tsiribihina river to spot hidden wildlife and remote villages