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Quick facts

  • The wettest part of the island for it is covered by a strip of lush rainforest
  • AbundantMost of Madagascar' unique flora & fauna are concentrated in this region
  • A trus paradise for naturalists, even if the weather can be challenging
  • Ideal to feel authentic wilderness : pristine beaches are beautifully lined with natural vegetation

Popular attractions

  • Hikes at Andasibe National Park to spot the biggest lemur on Earth : the Indri
  • Taking pictures of lemurs on your shoulders at the Lemur island
  • Dhow excursions along the Pangalanes ' channel and immerse through the forest
  • Humpback whales safari on Ile Sainte Marie - on season : end of June to September

The TAMàNA experience

  • Go for nocturnal hikes with local guides to spot chameleons, moths & the rare Aye Aye lemur
  • Discover a wide variety of orchids, medicinal plants, aromatic herbs and spices
  • Birding tours with specialized guides at Masoala and/or Marojejy National Parks
  • Discover vanilla process at the "Vanilla triangle" in the North East of Madagascar